Shastreeya Kalotsav - 11th December 2023

Monday, 11th of December, 2023

Event Info

Shastreeya Kalotsav, a celebration of Indian performing arts, unfolded with unparalleled grandeur and enthusiasm on 11th December,2023 at Bishop Cotton Girls’ School. This prestigious competition aimed to showcase the rich cultural heritage of India through various traditional and contemporary performing arts forms.

In this event, all the six houses of the school battled against each other in the categories of singing, instrumental and dance.

This event unfolded a lot from the intricate movements of Bharatanatyam to the vibrant rhythms of Kathak, and from the soulful melodies of classical music to heartful notes from the singers, the event presented a vibrant tapestry of Indian performing arts.

The competition witnessed exceptional talent, with participants showcasing their mastery over their respective art forms. The judges were faced with the challenging task of evaluating performances that demonstrated not only technical proficiency but also emotional depth and artistic expression.

  • Barton House emerged as winners in the solo singing round.
  • Foley House stood as winners in solo instrumental round and solo dance competition.
  • Waller placed first in the group dance round by showing their exemplary teamwork and coordination.