Sarvodaya Day - 30th January 2024

Sarvodaya Day (Death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi) is observed every year on January 30th to honor Mahatma Gandhi. This day is also observed as Martyrs' Day to commemorate the sacrifices made by freedom fighters. The observance of Martyrs' Day serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by these individuals, inspiring generations to uphold the values of freedom, peace, and unity. 


Martyrs' Day holds immense historical importance, symbolizing the spirit of sacrifice and the relentless struggle for independence.



Sarvodaya is a term meaning 'Universal Uplift' or 'Progress of All'. The term was first coined by Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi came to use the term for the ideal of his own political philosophy.Later Gandhian, like the Indian nonviolence activist Vinoba Bhave, embraced the term as a name for the social movement in post-independence India which strove to ensure that self-determination and equality reached all strata of India society. 


That Sarvodaya is an agency of Service for Common Welfare. Sarvodaya sets its face squarely against the politics of power and exploitation. It lays great emphasis on moral and spiritual values. It seeks to create new social and economical values. 

Bishop Cotton Girl’s School observed the 76th Sarvodaya day on 30th January 2024. A brief and solemn assembly was held to commemorate the significance of the day in the presence of our respected Principal Dr. Mrs. Lavanya Mithran, all the teaching staff and students.