Barton House

Motto: Truth Conquers All

Barton House was named after Mr. P.A Barton of the famous Barton & Son Company, who left for Nairobi after serving on the board for forty years.
True to their motto, the Bartonites are conquerors, be it academic, sports or other activities.



Elmes House

Motto: Darkness To Light

Elmes House was named after Miss Elmes, appointed as the first Principal of the school in the year 1913. It was in the year 1983 Elmes House was instituted to acknowledge the contributions made by her for the growth of the school. Miss Elmes introduced the House system in the school.
The Elmites are a hard working team, full of enthusiasm, having courage to face new challenges, always striving to win with their unity and teamwork.

Foley House

Motto: Unity Is Strength

Foley House is named after one of the benefactors of the schools –Canon Foley.
Foley House was instituted in 1934 under the principalship of Miss Elmes.

Foleyites believe in hard work, dedication to the job at hand, to be the best version of themselves whether they win or lose and above all to remain united as a team.

Maiden Home

Motto: Love And Serve

The House was named after Mrs. I. L Maiden, one of the benefactors of the schools along with Col. Barton and Canon Foley.
The Maidenites display strong commitment and great teamwork in everything they do, thus fostering a culture of positivity and goodwill among their group members.

Millington House

Motto: Soaring High

Millington House was named after Miss C. M. Millington. She was appointed as the Principal in the year 1958. It was during her tenure that a change from Cambridge Overseas Certificate to the Indian School Certificate was made.
The Millingtonites are competitive and well knit, exhibiting exemplary teamwork.

Waller House

Motto: Work Is Worship

Waller House was named after Miss. Rosamund M Waller who served as Principal from the year 1934 – 1944, as a mark of recognition of the services rendered by her to the school. The Waller House was added along with Elmes House in the year 1983, when the number of students rose to 2000.

Wallerites believe in hard work and find immense pleasure in the process. Every task is a learning opportunity and is used to bring out the best in each one of them.