Brass Band

The BCGS band is led by the band major Ayesha Malak of ISC. She has been a part of the school Brass Band for the past 8 years. Band Captain, Annam Habiba Azam has been teaching and leading the drums section.
The trumpeters, flutists and the euphoniumists have been led by Hannah Jasmine, the band Vice Captain and Huldah Sharon Princess the band secretary. BCGS School Brass band illuminates the schools various events. BCGS participates in honouring the First World War memorial remembrance day at St. Mark’s Cathedral every year. Presently 2023-2024 batch has 90 students.
Band master Louis Alexander has been an integral part of the brass band who has been constantly training and guiding the students. The band has been and will always be a vital part of the events at the BCGS institution.