BCGS - Old Girls’ Association Report

The Old Cottonians' Association of Bishop Cotton Girls' School, Bangalore was established in 1960. It aims to foster camaraderie among alumni of this prestigious institution. The association organizes frequent reunions and social gatherings for former students (OCs) to reconnect.
It also extends support to Present Cottonians, teaching, non-teaching and maintenance staff with various engaging programs. Members actively volunteer their time and resources to various school activities. From time to time, it bestows honors and awards upon distinguished Cottonians making remarkable contributions in their fields.
The association plays a vital role in sustaining school traditions and act as proud ambassadors. It strives to uphold the high ideals of leadership, service and excellence ingrained by our school. Old Cottonians' Day is held in school every year where the association’s AGM is conducted. Elections are conducted every two years.