Anti-Bullying Policy

Bishop Cotton Girls’ School is constantly working towards making the school a safe and enjoyable place for every child from the Kindergarten to the ISC level. The Principal and the school have a policy of ‘No -Tolerance’ towards any form of bullying on its campus.

The term bullying in Cottons includes physical aggression, social alienation, verbal aggression, intimidation (e.g., threats, intimidating phone calls or text messages; coercing one to do things that they would not ordinarily do) and relational bullying, bullying that damages relationships including body shaming. Once brought to the notice of the school authorities, the consequences will be severe.

Students listening to Mrs. Sunitha Venkatarathnam as she delved into the psychological effects of bullying


In an effort to educate and sensitise the students, a workshop was organised this year, where we had Mrs. Sunitha Venkatarathnam, Counselor, Psychologist and Founder of Blind Side Academy, and Mrs. Melanie Sebastian, the legal advisor of the school, addressing our students from class 8 upwards on 19th January 2024.

In a very light yet informative talk, they brought out the psychological aspect and the legal aspect of the consequences of bullying, even if it involves children. We received a lot of positive reviews and we plan to regularly hold such programmes to educate our students in the coming years too.